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Written by DeMolay International   
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 15:43



“Varsity Club”

Internal marketing and motivation program for active membership and advisory council members.

Mission:   Create enthusiasm and fellowship for the organization as well as provide opportunity for all members to become active, engaged, and ultimately an “owner” of their chapter experience.  As an acknowledgment of their efforts they will be deemed to have “lettered” in DeMolay.

Quarterly measurement – “90 Day clock” - Need to perform/complete a task in each of the five (5) areas listed below.   “Clock” resets at beginning of new calendar quarter.  No carryovers

Program Commences – July 1, 2014 – thru June 30, 2015


2014 Honors PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mike Sampson   
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 15:48

Congratulations to our 2014 Honors recipients:



Andy Nitsch

Xavier Wiley

Makr Peebler

Tony Peebler

Chris Little

Galen Mikel

Dakota Wolfe

Anthony Coca

Jonathon Aper

Lars Anderson

Eric Pohland

Nicholas Smith

Jeremy Gueits


Cross of Honor

Charles Maddox


Active Legion of Honor

Thomas Peebles

Bruce Dalton

Michael Skinner

Randy Fincher


Honorary Legion of Honor

Charles Powell

Ervin Richards

John Cline

William Giles

Archie Scott

Buddy Wigley

John Meyers

What Makes DeMolay Different? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Felest Ingersoll   
Monday, 21 July 2014 17:19

What Makes DeMolay Different?
by Mom Ingersoll

That is such an easy question to answer.  Some would say leadership training; others might say self awareness or community mindedness.  While these are true statements, I believe the thing that sets us apart is our Ritual.  

Why is our ritual so important? Again, most might think that it's all about winning competitions or that it's just the boring words that have to be recited during our Stated Meetings. This is an indisputable misconception. The true reason we have our ritual is to teach direction, self-confidence, poise, leadership...and yes, brotherhood.  

By taking the ritual seriously, a DeMolay is saying, "I care about this organization and my brothers."

But why do we have to practice so much?  I know we ALL like to win and that is a good result, but the real reason we practice so much is because we want these words to resonate in every DeMolay in meaning...not just mere words.

As an advisor, one of my greatest joys is when a stranger sees our DeMolays and asks about our guys and acknowledges their stellar actions.

So yes, our Ritual is a BIG part of what grooms our DeMolays into amazing leaders and outstanding men.

SMC Workshops PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Parker   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 07:51

Chapter Workshops 

August 18, 2014                     Nederland Chapter

August 20, 2014                     Lionheart Chapter

August 27, 2014                     Pasadena Chapter

September 1, 2014                  Amarillo Chapter

September 3, 2014                  Richardson Chapter

September 4, 2014                  H. Malvern Marks Chapter

September 10, 2014                The Colony Chapter

September 11, 2014                Black Gold Chapter

September 18, 2014                Texas Hill Country Chapter

September 27, 2014                Legacy Chapter

October 1, 2014                      John Wayne Chapter

October 6, 2014                      Ameth Chapter

October 13, 2014                    Albert Pike Chapter

October 14, 2014                    Phantom Warrior Chapter

October 22, 2014                    Reagan Chapter

October 28, 2014                    Teddy Roosevelt Chapter

November 12, 2014                Stephen F. Austin Chapter

November 13, 2014                Arlington Chapter

December 1, 2014                   Garland Chapter

December 4, 2014                   Waco Chapter

December 15, 2014                 Grand Prairie Chapter

2014 Conclave Yearbook PDF Print E-mail
Written by Roger Ingersoll   
Thursday, 17 July 2014 15:54
Enjoy the 2014 Texas DeMola Conclave Yearbook.

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(C) 2011-2013 Texas DeMolay Association
This site acknowledges the authority and yields allegiance to DeMolay International of which Frank S. Land, was the founder.

TEXAS DeMOLAY enforces a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, with regards to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or hazing of any kind at any DeMolay function. This policy applies to Active DeMolays, Senior DeMolays, Advisors, and Adult Volunteers. Violations of risk management, youth protection, or any prohibited substance policies can and will probably result in suspension or expulsion from DeMolay.


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